Avatar Lilith’s Secret Calendar 

If you received this link it means you get to hang

Blender Workshop Today 1 - 2 pm < 3

Tuesday, May 7th | 12:30pm - 5pm
CONTENT DAY Thursday, May 9th | 1pm -  6pm
NOSTALGIA Saturday, May 11th | 2pm -  6pm
Monday, May 13th | 6pm - 8pm  
COWORKING OFFICE HOURS Tuesday May 14th | 12:30pm - 5pm


COWORKING OFFICE HOURS: Come hang out and get some shit done. I will offer coffee, snacks, space, and springboarding.

CONTENT DAY: Bring outfits, ideas, props, and your hot self for photos, videos, or other content you want to make. I will provide a photography seamless and lukewarm creative direction.

NOSTALGIA  is an opportunity to reconnect with our inner child and rediscover pure un'adult'erated joy. Through guided activities, group crafting, and parallel play, we hope to remind you how to play like we used to.

BLENDER WORKSHOP: Learn about Blender basics. Blender is a free and open source 3D software. I will teach interface basics, navigating, and creating a basic scene.